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This site is managed and written by Tony, with links to Gill's, Keith's and Casey's pages, and covers some of my hobbies, which include electronics, computers and Hi-Fi, with a bit of photography too.

Here you will find my rants page, along with some useful information about Postfix, LDAP and Samba, amongst other things.

Have a Windows 200x domain controller, and want to use Samba too? Things are a little different from the Windows NT4 days - for Windows 200x server, you now need to use kerberos authentication. Details can be found here, with an example config file.

Are you suffering from an excess of spam, and run your own mail server? Try my handy Postfix guide, with downloadable configuration examples. Although not a complete solution (I still need to add Razor support) this does go a long way to reducing spam.

There is also my Knowledgebase which contains some notes I have made over time - although it is far from complete as yet.

Useful tools and downloads - IP Calculators / internet tools, traceroute, nslookup, whois etc can be found here.

Here is my Apache::MP3 perl module "HowTo" explaining how to stream mp3's from your own website.
Create a 'self signed' certificate for IIS web server. So, you need to have an https connection to your server, but don't want to run to the expense of a formally signed certificate? Well, create and sign your own certificate! Details here.

Also included here is a mirror of the Psion pages at - data and applications for older Psion devices such as the 3a appear to be getting increasingly scarce - I foundthis site after much searching, hence I thought I would mirror the Psion section here.

The original site can be found here.